17 mandala tattoos for wise and full women

Mandalas are symmetrical designs originating in India. Its name in Sanskrit means “circle or wheel,” and they represent the universe, harmony, and unity. Many people relax their minds by drawing them because it transmits a lot of calm and peace. Others prefer to carry that immortalized fullness on the body through a tattoo.

If you are from the second group, then these ideas are great for you to think about what part of the body you want to carry it with.

The  elephant is a symbol of power, intelligence, and peace

Mandalas  are a  meaning of calm

Also of love

They are a spiritual instrument

Wearing a mandala on your skin fills you with fullness

They are also used as a therapeutic technique

Keep balance in your body

With a colorful spiritual vibe

The place you select will be perfect

It can be small

A medium tattoo looks very elegant

In the ankles, daring

And in very delicate hands

The designs are almost infinite

They can also be very suggestive

Dare to try in unexpected places

You will look amazing