Cutting your hair should not be a problem; on the contrary, it has great benefits: it increases your self-esteem, stimulates the growth of healthier hair, and best of all, it can be used to create wigs for women, girls, and boys who have lost their hair due to cancer and aggressive chemotherapies. If this still does not convince you and you think you will have serious problems when styling it, you should check out these 20 simple hairstyles in short hair that will make you change your mind.

1) It has a simple collection with two twisted locks

2) Dare to wear a thin braid to the front

3) Pixie are perfect!

4) Go for a vintage style

5) Create fun and crazy designs

6) Don’t forget the classic pigtails

7) Stay sophisticated

8) Go back to your childhood with two little braids

9) Give your hair volume with a couple of waves

10) Braid it in an original way

11) Mix two styles in one hairstyle

12) Take advantage of your pins

13) Use two buns

14) You can also choose the solo version

15) Forget about the formalities

16) Palm braids will always look beautiful

17) Let your hairstyle fill with creativity

18) Straighten and give volume to your bangs

19) Roll up your locks

20) Opt for half pigtails