The boots have already been transformed into a garment that we can wear throughout the year. However, we are still afraid to wear them because it is very cold in the morning and the heat devastates us in the afternoon. The key to achieving a successful look is to combine them with summer and winter garments, so that we are always in fashion during this season.

The ankle boots are perfect with shorts, but for now, we will only talk about the fantastic boots above the knee. Although they are the must of the season, they are also quite delicate, since they can look very bad if they are not used in the right way. So here are the 20 ways you can wear your stylish high boots.

1) With fishnet stockings, you will achieve a rockstar style

2) Black boots are the different touch that your outfit needs

3) We know that the leopard print benefits anyone

4) The laces will make sure to keep them in place while you dance

5) If you are a daring girl, wear the boots with transparencies

6) Remember that on Wednesdays the girls wear pink

7) These boots give the perfect shine to any style

8) The sensuality of red velvet

9) With a summer dress, you will create a spectacular look

10) Do you want to feel sexy? He wears leather boots

11) Gray is the new black

12) Who in the world does not need boots like this?

13) They are perfect for any time of the year

14) Flat boots are comfortable and perfect to wear every day

15) Combine them with an oversize cardigan for a winter look

16) Wear them in a dress like leggings 

17) They are basically the definition of the style you need

18) Denim and camel color always go perfect

19) A look with fairly balanced tones

20) Do you want to feel elegant? Try this look