He looked at his mother every day through the hospital window until she died of Covid-19.

In Palestine, there are 9,597 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection. Rasma Salama, 73, was one of the people affected. After the woman tested positive for Covid-19, they had to admit her to the Hebron State Hospital. She could not receive any kind of visit for health security reasons.

Her youngest son Jihad Al-Suwaiti refused to leave her alone and, as best he could, went up the hospital pipe every day and sat outside the window where her mother was hospitalized to make sure she was okay.

The 30-year-old man spent most of his time there and was reluctant to leave until his mother was fast asleep; he did not lose hope that she would recover. Unfortunately, last Thursday, July 16, she passed away.

He accompanied her at every moment

The heartbreaking image of the boy watching his mother fighting the virus went around on social media and broke many people’s hearts.

The artist Mohamad Safa made a beautiful tribute

Jihad was able to give her at least that last look that will always accompany her.

Rasma Salama was never alone

Although she was unable to hug her son, he was by her side at all times.