She couldn’t get pregnant so her mother agreed to be her surrogate belly

What is your biggest wish in the world? All of us yearn for something with all of our being: to have our own business, to be the best chefs in the city, to have a beautiful family, and to take care of it. It does not matter what causes that emotion, but what we are doing to achieve it.

Breanna and Aaron Lockwood were very clear about what they wanted, and that is that after a few years of courtship they decided to commit themselves and get married to later grow the family, but not everything was so simple, despite the fact that that was their biggest dream: to have a baby.

Their love story was beginning

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The couple married in June 2016 and since then began looking for their first child, all with the intention that the new member of the family would be born before Breanna’s grandfather passed away after a long fight against cancer. However, something that they believed would be very simple began to be more complicated than expected, and it just did not happen.

It was a tough road, but they didn’t give up

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After accepting the situation, the Lockwoods decided to go to a Fertility Center in Illinois, cared for by Dr. Brian Kaplan, where they underwent various treatments. However, nothing worked as Breanna suffered two spontaneous abortions and an ectopic pregnancy, that is, when the fertilized ovum remains implanted outside the womb.

She also developed Asherman’s syndrome, which causes scar tissue in the uterus. And so their doctor had told them that it was time to look for new options: a surrogate mother.

A difficult decision to make

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Although the couple longed for a baby, they were not completely convinced that they were having their child through another woman’s womb. That must have been something intimate, but it seemed like it was their only option, besides that its cost was too high and they weren’t sure they could afford it.

However, Julie Loving, a 51-year-old woman and mother of Breanna, who knew and could feel all the suffering that her daughter and son-in-law were going through, decided to offer herself to be her grandson’s “surrogate mother.”

At first, her daughter did not accept it, but after a while, she agreed, well, who better than her mother for that role? And that’s how Dr. Brian subjected Julie to a series of physical and psychological tests to see if she was suitable for the procedure.

They are finally looking forward to their daughter

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After fertilizing one of Breanna’s eggs with Aaron’s sperm, it was implanted in the uterus of Julie, who is currently five months pregnant and looking forward to meeting her daughter in November.

This situation is not common because although there are between 2,500 and 5,000 babies born through a rented womb, less than 1% are through the mother of a member of the couple.

Now Breanna has a greater connection with her mother and is infinitely grateful for all that she did and is doing for her.