Katy Perry shares photo to show reality after childbirth

Katy Perry may not have been able to attend the MTV Video Music Awards as every year, since she was nominated for best cinematography for Harleys In Hawaii, but the singer did not hesitate to share an intimate moment about the reality of being a new mother and what What happens during the first days after giving birth.

So last Sunday, the date on which the awards would take place, Perry posted a photo, as a joke, on his Instagram stories with the ‘ perfect look ‘ for the popular awards and, the truth is, no it was nothing less than the sheer reality that awaits all those women as they become mothers.

Natural, no makeup drop and looking exhausted

Katy Perry shares photo to show reality after childbirth

Using an animation alluding to the awards, the pop singer credited her hairstyle and makeup to exhaustion, as well as showing the maternity bra and postpartum underwear that moms need after giving birth. To give it a funny touch, he accompanied the publication with a fragment of his own song Not The End Of The World.

Many of her fans have applauded and recognized the value of Katy in sharing such a real and private image since, by doing so publicly, she helps raise awareness about the hard work that it is for a mother to try to recover physically and at the same time take care of, feed and protect your newborn baby.

The baby is only a few days old

Katy Perry shares photo to show reality after childbirth

Katy became a mother when she and her husband Orlando Bloom welcomed their baby Daisy just a week ago, and they broke the news through the official account of the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF ), to raise awareness about the need that millions of women and newborns go through around the world every day.

Since then, celebrities like Beyoncé, Naomi Campbell and Millie Bobby Brown have shown their support and affection for the couple, sending flowers and messages of affection for the little girl.