Youtubers pay $ 100,000 to reveal their baby’s sex in Dubai’s tallest tower

Since gender reveals parties became popular in 2008, it seems that new parents are striving to have the most expensive, flashy, and quirky of them all, and it seems it will be hard to beat the one made by the Marwah family.

Anas and Asala Marwah are a couple of youtubers who already have a little girl named Mila, and when they found out they were having another baby, they decided to organize a big gender reveal party, and what better way than to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to use the building largest in Dubai in its celebration.

Because when money is not a concern, you can indulge in certain luxuries, so the Marwahs gathered their family and friends in a private box in front of the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai and waited together for the building to light up pink or blue to know the sex of the new member.

The tower’s lighting system showed a countdown, and when it reached zero, it lit up blue and displayed the message, “It’s a boy.” Anas, Asala, and Mila couldn’t contain their excitement.

We wanted to make something unique and memorable so that we can all look at it in the future and remember what we built as a family.

—Anas Marwah

This spectacular detail cost them no less than $ 100,000 and is far more than anyone would have paid for a gender reveal. At least this eccentricity only turned on the lights in one building and did not cause a forest fire like others.

The Marwah shared the video of this revelation on their YouTube channels, but also the official account of the Burj Khalifa tower released fragments of the video, so perhaps the views they caused will be enough to cover the expense of this revelation.