They did a live report of a sinkhole and the cameraman ended up falling into it

When live broadcast is carried out, there is always the risk that practically anything could happen to you, and although everything is already planned, the reality is that danger is always lurking to play a trick on us, as happened to Ulises González, a cameraman for a television channel in Mexico, who took pictures of a huge hole that was made in the ground due to the rains and the terrible paving work of the authorities in the mayor of Tláhuac, in Mexico City.

After receiving a citizen report, the reporter Kena Uribe and the cameraman traveled to the affected area, precisely to broadcast live and alert people not to go into this huge hole, without suspecting that one of them was who it would fall, although this showed that it is indeed dangerous to travel through this area, in addition to giving us a few moments of involuntary humor and completely live.

Everything was going well with the communicator’s report on what happened and alerting people to avoid going through that place, when suddenly the image was destabilized, and Kena is heard when she says: “Ulysses! Ah! Ulises, be careful”, but it was too late because the good Ulises González had already fallen and received several blows to various parts of the body, although fortunately, it was not serious, and the hole is so big that they had to take a ladder so I could get out.

After a few minutes, the reporter returned to the air accompanied by Ulises to testify that he was fine, although in pain, especially in one knee after the fall. Because she was recording with the camera, she did not realize where she was stepping, and a slip cost her to fall to the bottom of the hole that was generated after the heavy rains that have been falling on this area; And, well, if the mission was to show viewers the danger it represents, then it did.

What can I say to the people of this colony, don’t come near. I had a bad experience, I slipped on a stone.

—Ulises González, injured cameraman

Fortunately, everything went well and ended with a laugh, and the truth is that Ulises had good luck because the height is considerable, in addition to carrying the camera and more weight. Everything was painted so that at least some bone would break, but everything was left in shock, especially the reporter, who had to cut the transmission and, in the end, continued to warn about how dangerous this hole is. This was one of those strange moments in which those who transmit the news end up becoming the protagonist of the story to be told.