Pizza delivery man, 89, gets $12,000 tip

From one day to the next, Derlin Newey’s life changed dramatically. The 89-year-old was a pizza delivery man, working 30 hours a week

at Papa John’s to make ends meet; his pension was not enough.

One of the last deliveries he made was at the home of Carlos Valdez, an active member of the TikTok platform. Valdez recorded the moment in which Newey did his work, and they had a pleasant conversation.

Became very popular

Pizza delivery man, 89, gets $12,000 tip

The recording was extremely popular, and fans of the TikTok fell in love with the friendly Derlin. And although he was adorable, they all agreed on one thing: he should not continue working at his advanced age.

Carlos had a great idea

Pizza delivery man, 89, gets $12,000 tip

Valdez agreed with the comments received and started a fundraiser to help him. Newey’s subsequent deliveries to her home were uploaded to TikTok, reaching hundreds of people who joined the cause. In a short time, they managed to accumulate 12 thousand dollars!

I could not believe it

Pizza delivery man, 89, gets $12,000 tip

Once the money was collected, the family went to Grandpa’s house to personally deliver the check. Neway couldn’t help crying with emotion. How can I say thank you? I don’t know what to say except thank you,” she said with tears in her eyes. You totally deserve it!

It was something that Derlin needed after working for so long with over 80 years. Glad we could help you. We just have to treat people with kindness and respect like he does. He stole our hearts.

-Carlos Valdez, Tiktoker