Christmas movies are coming this week. The Halloween decorations are still hanging. However, it looks that we get ready for Christmas earlier each year. Department stores are already breaking out the Weekend music.

Last Christmas is coming to cinemas this weekend starting Friday, November 8. Klaus, Netflix’s first original animated film, will also be opening in limited cinemas this Friday before making its streaming debut November 15. Let It Snow is another original Netflix film debuting this week, starting November 8. We also have Christmas Jars in cinemas today, November 4, for a one-day-only screening.

Disney’s Noelle would premiere on November 12 with the launch of Disney+ in the United States. That’s not even adding Holiday in the Wild, which opened in cinemas over the weekend, just one day after Halloween.

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Disney+ is ready to launch next week, so we will have to wait a few more days for Noelle, which was released this weekend. Noelle stars Bill Hader and Anna Kendrick as the kids of Santa Claus, and it will more than possible end up becoming a Christmas love for some, but couldn’t it wait for a December release date? You know, the month that Christmas takes place in? Disney seems like to jump the gun on the Weekends, especially with the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland getting its Nightmare Before Christmas.

Last Christmas is the most massive Holiday release coming our way, even if it looks like a Netflix original. It stars Game of Throne’s favorite Emilia Clarke alongside Henry Golding. The film’s title is taken from the iconic George Michael Christmas song of the same name, which means we will probably be hearing this one a lot more than usual, and a lot quicker than we’re used to. Emilia Clarke recently announced that the film was shot last Christmas in London late at night to avoid all of the tourists. The actress also sings in the film, which she says took a lot of strength.

“Oh, it was incredibly nerve-wracking, because I care so much about singing, and I’m genuinely at my happiest when I am singing. However: Doing it on camera in front of a lot of people and doing it, you know, with George’s perfect song was – every time before I sing I just think I’m getting tonsillitis, or my throat is closing up or something. So it took a lot of courage, but I got there.”-

We also have Klaus opening in cinemas this Friday to spread more early Holiday cheer. It’s an animated film that stars J.K. Simmons and Jason Schwartzman. Simmons recently announced that he was a mall Santa at one point in his career. Simmons takes on the part of Santa in the film and says he did not bring any of his experience into the recording booth.

“I was attracted to this idea based on the script and the familiarity of Klaus, that character. But it’s a very different take on it that I found really appealing,” the actor said.

Releasing Christmas films in November is nothing new, but they tend to come out towards the middle of the month. Home Alone hit cinemas on November 16, while Christmas Vacation stayed in its lane and opened on December 1.

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