5 benefits for your body from sleeping naked

If you have never slept naked, you can do the test to check the benefits; if it doesn’t convince you, you can always go back to your pajamas. Remember that if you sleep well, your quality of life will improve.

It has happened to all of us that we arrived super tired at home, and the only thing we want is to take off everything and go to bed. But out of habit, we have to put on our sleepwear. Take advantage of the time it takes you to change, to rest, saying ‘goodbye’ to your pajamas, since sleeping naked has many benefits for your body, according to several studies.

Although many factors influence you to rest, such as temperature or light; The naked sleeping habit also influences you to sleep better, among other things that will convince you to take off your clothes and accessories when you go to bed.

1) Your body temperature is regulated

“When we go to sleep, our body and brain begin to rest, and our body instinctively lowers its temperature,” Bill Fish, a certified coach in sleep sciences, said. However, wearing many layers of clothing or blankets increases the temperature, causing sweat at night. If you get rid of clothes, you can guarantee the thermoregulation of your body.

2) You fall asleep faster

If you normally have trouble getting to sleep, an increase in your body temperature may be the cause. As we already mentioned, sleeping naked allows thermoregulation, when feeling fresh, falling asleep will be easier.

Although sleeping with the air conditioning on would also be an option, avoiding the use of pajamas will be more comfortable.

3) You can move how you want

How many times have you woken up because your pajamas get tangled and won’t let you move? It is very common that you will avoid when sleeping without clothes. Nothing will stop you from rolling all over the bed, stretching or kicking your partner, if your body is free. So you can sleep through the night without interruption.

4) You will give your intimate area a break

For people who often have itching or irritation problems in the vulvar area, sleeping naked is an excellent option.

“By removing underwear and sleeping naked, it can help decrease irritation, as there is less friction in this sensitive skin area,” explained Dr. Shweta Pai

Even if you don’t have any of those discomforts, taking off your underwear gives your body a break.

5) Sleeping naked with your partner reduces stress

By having skin-to-skin contact with your partner, you release oxytocin, which is the well-being hormone. So after a heavy day, there is no better option than to curl up with your partner, without clothes, you will feel more relaxed, and it may be the beginning of a more romantic encounter, which will later make you sleep like babies.