Beluga whales smile as they are released after 10 years of captivity in an aquarium in China

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, in several countries the announcement has already been made that the return to classes for the new school year will not be in person, but remotely, due to the risk of contagion that still exists; but this implies a big problem, since not all students have access to the internet and not to a television, so it requires someone who can support them.

Although animals must be free in nature, sometimes captivity ensures a life free of dangers and, in others, the preservation of the species. Unfortunately, this last case is never so perfect, since most of the animals that belong to zoos or sanctuaries do not receive the care they deserve and the animals can suffer a lot under these conditions. That is why images like the one below give us a little joy.

It turns out that they filmed the exact moment one of two beluga whales smiles as they are being transported from a Chinese aquarium to a new open-water refuge.

(Picture: PA)

Little Gray and Little White have been at Ocean World Shanghai water park for nearly a decade, and where they were forced to perform tricks and shows to the public in exchange for food. Her life has not been easy at all, since before being the jester of human beings, these animals lived in a Russian research center.

After living years away from the sea, they were rescued by the UK-based Sea Life Trust charity. This organization is dedicated, in large part, to rescuing and relocating endangered species, so Little Gray and Little White were sent to a new home in Iceland, where they will be able to swim in the open sea for the first time in years.

(Picture: PA)

Not only are the whales happy to be released, but the people at Sea Life Trust are proud of this feat as well. In this regard, the director of the organization, Andy Bool, said: “We are absolutely delighted to be able to share the news that Little Gray and Little White are safe in their care pools of the marine sanctuary and are only one step away from being released. in your open water home. After extensive planning and rehearsals, the first stage of her comeback is going as we expected and planned ”.

As we can see in the images, to remove the belugas, they had to use specially designed harnesses and slings that protected their bodies and did not cause them any harm. They were then transported in a truck that took them to a Boeing 474-400ERF plane, and finally, they were towed to the port.

(Picture: PA)

Everything went wonderfully, and as we could see in the first image, the belugas were more than happy in their new adventure that will ensure a better quality of life. Sea Life Trust will wait for the whales to acclimatize to their new natural environment before releasing them into the open sea. We hope this new life is amazing for them.