Boo-boo, the chihuahua who saved her 86-year-old owner

Sometimes our pets can surprise us or even save our lives. It has always been said that the dog is man’s best friend, and in the case of Rudy Armstrong, an 86-year-old man, and his dog Boo-boo, this phrase takes on an even deeper meaning.

Armstrong, a veteran, living in Oriental, North Carolina, was enjoying his lunch when he realized he couldn’t move the entire left side of his body, so he knew right away that he was having a serious stroke. Unable to reach the phone to call 911, Boo-boo was the one who ran for help.

Boo-boo was the only one who could save him

Pictures Credit: (CarolinaEast Heath System)

I was sitting in my chair drinking coffee, and the next moment, I start to feel like I can’t move my foot or my hand. I didn’t want to stay there, motionless, waiting for someone to pass by by chance and realize my condition. So I, I looked at Boo-boo, and I said, ‘Come on! Get me help. ‘

So the little Chihuahua dog did exactly that. He ran outside the house until he managed to get the attention of a person, who later guided him back to the house to see the state in which Armstrong was.

The hospital allowed them to meet again

Pictures Credit: (CarolinaEast Heath System)

We were able to arrange a small meeting between Mr. Armstrong and his beloved dog, Boo-boo, in our facility’s garden. It was really moving, for those of us who were present, to see the love and affection between them.

– Carolina East Hospital

Currently, Rudy remains hospitalized but hopes to be discharged soon to return home to his incredible pet, who is now admired by many for being his owner’s heroine.