How many calories are burned in an hour of P90x Plyometrics?

How many calories are burned in an hour of P90x Plyometrics

P90X is a home fitness program that consists of 12 DVDs and lasts for a total of 90 days. It features intense exercises for certain body parts, cardio-style interval workouts, martial arts workouts, and inspiring stretching and yoga routines. The plyometrics exercise, which is one of the most strenuous routines in the program and burns a significant amount of calories, is one of the most important components of this program.


According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, the body mass index, or BMI, is a measurement of body fat based on an individual’s height in addition to their weight. This index is applicable to adult males and females. During the P90X plyometrics workout, your body mass Index, often known as BMI, is a key aspect in precisely estimating the number of calories you burn.

Heart rate

When it comes to keeping track of the number of calories you burn while exercising Plyometrics X, heat rate is another crucial component. To determine your heart rate, either uses a heart rate monitor or place your index finger on your wrist or neck, just below the line of your jaw, and count the number of times it beats for ten seconds straight. Once you get that figure, multiply it by six to get your heart rate in beats per minute. You may determine the total number of calories expended during exercise by entering your heart rate into a calorie calculator and then calculating the difference.

Calories burned

When completing plyometric activities, a person may expect to burn an average of 480 calories in one hour. When trying to determine how many calories you have burned, it is important to take into consideration your body mass index (BMI), the intensity of your workout, and your heart rate.

List of Exercises for Plyometrics P90X

Plyometric exercises, in which a muscle is loaded and then contracted in quick succession, take advantage of the muscle’s strength, flexibility, and innervation to create increased force, speed, and explosive power. Plyometric exercises may be found in a variety of sports and fitness settings. Exercises In Workouts is a fundamental component of the P90X system, which is a DVD-based home exercise programme. This program addresses all areas of plyometric training. Plyometric training consists of five different portions, each of which consists of four different exercises. The first three of these movements last for thirty seconds, while the remaining moves often take more than sixty seconds.

Section 1

The most fundamental plyometric drills are covered in the first section. You begin with jump squats as your warm-up. After that, he lowers himself into a squatting posture while remaining immobile. After that, you will be tasked with completing the flight of the Heisman trophy while it is in the air. After finishing the part with swing kicks for a total of sixty seconds, you will then take a thirty-second break. After the break, do each exercise one more time before moving on to the next.

Section 2

Squat-reaching leaps are the first exercise in the second part, which follows another 30 seconds of rest. After that, do another round of squats in an execution stance while going through an altered version of the Heisman move called the aerial double Heisman. A brand new physical activity known as the running circle was performed for a full minute. After a brief break of thirty seconds, you will do this set once again.

Section 3

You will start this part off with jump knee tucks once you have rested for thirty seconds. The Mary Katherine lunge is the next exercise that you will do, and after that, you will transition into a leaping squat. The segment comes to a finish with a spin combo; when you have rested, go through this part again.

Section 4

The rock star leaps are what kick off Section 4, which is immediately followed by split jumps. The next exercise that will be performed before the last activity, which is the military march, is squat jumps. The military march only lasts for a minute and a half, after which you will have a minute-and-a-half break, and then you will repeat this phase.

Section 5

After completing the sequence of squats, 180-degree leaps, and runs, you will go on to the last portion, which will test your ability to do squats to lateral jumps. The last motion of this segment is called the monster truck tire, and it lasts for a whole minute. After that, you will do the hot feet exercise. Repeat this portion after taking a break for thirty seconds.

The Premium Section

The bonus component of the plyometric workout consists of three different exercises, each of which you will need to do for a duration of one minute. The pitch and the catch come first, and then the jump shot comes next in this series of actions. The soccer hero workout is where the bonus segment comes to a close. You have successfully accomplished the plyometric exercise included in the P90X program if you have completed this part once.

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