One of the most special dates of the year arrives, Christmas is here, and I will show you how to make the most beautiful Christmas nail decoration quickly and easily.

Explaining every detail where you have to apply the nail polish and the patience you must have to make the shape of a face of Santa Claus, a reindeer, the famous snowman or some Christmas object.

Within the Christmas objects that you can apply on each nail of the hand, you can choose from the red cap of Santa Claus, the multicolored candy cane, snow decoration, the Christmas tree or the classic mistletoe, which according to tradition is for Kissing at noon.

I will explain to you why it is essential to have your nails painted for this Christmas?

I remember that my previous December 24 we met with my family and some friends, where a friend was coming dressed quite simply to that magical night that for me is the Good Night.

And I told her why she was so simple in her dress and really what she answered was because she didn’t have time or desire for her was one more day.

You may be interested because I play the theme about the best ideas of dress designs for Christmas.

Returning to the subject, I think it goes beyond Christmas, but it is the beauty of the end of the year to be together with the loved ones you love as well as to remember those who are no longer in this in this course of life.

It has many meanings that each human being can give them as he wants.

After that talk, this year he called me a few days ago and asked me to teach him to make that decoration in the hands that I made myself and of course as a good friend I am looking for the best ideas that I also hope you enjoy.

Something to highlight before is that to do nail arts or nail design for both hands and feet, and you have to be very patient.

As you practice and make more drawings, models and have more ideas, you can be more confident to launch yourself to do what you like.

Another detail is to have the elements mainly enamel colors such as red, green, black, white that is used in Christmas for Christmas decoration.

Creativity is a fundamental factor, but with these photos and video that I am going to leave, you can help you much more to create what you want.

Of course, then I would like to see in the comments your Christmas design that you did on your nails.

Christmas Nail Decoration Step by Step

 This is my Christmas nail decoration that I learned over the years, and I explain it to you with every step so you can do it in your hands.

In each guide, I will show you how to do from a snowman, Santa Claus, Christmas tree, a Christmas house, and a penguin with a funny hat.

What you will need is also to have a set of nail art decoration brushes, in addition to the colored enamels that you are going to use together with a nail polish remover.

My set has 20 brushes of synthetic hair that are of excellent quality as if it were a manicure and I also have five double-pointed dottings that are used to decorate natural, gelled or sculpted nails.

I advise you to buy a set if you like the world of nail design and also read this article on how to paint your nails in a relaxed and professional way

Nail Decoration Snowman

This nail design is gorgeous and very characteristic for this Christmas holiday date that can serve you.

I will explain step by step every detail for you to do in your home.

  1. For the base of the nail, apply blue nail polish or litmus enamel, and finally, you can tint it.
  2. With the white acrylic paint and with the help of a Nail Dotter you have to make a large ball to make the doll’s body
  3. On the big ball, you have to make a smaller ball again with the Nail Dotter to make the head
  4. For the details of the toy, you need to have a set of beautiful brushes of Nail Art
  5. You have to make the hat with black acrylic paint and the fine brush on the small circle
  6. For the scarf, you have to apply red acrylic paint
  7. The nose of the snowy doll you have to do with the orange acrylic nail paint
  8. You have to make your eyes with a thin Nail Dotter with black acrylic
  9. With silver color, you can make a hat cintra to give it a more natural effect.
  10. With a Dotting Brush and black acrylic paint, you must make three buttons in the largest circle
  11. With a detail brush, you can make the arms with the same white color.
  12. To finish, apply a top coat to seal your drawing and do not ruin it to last longer.

Nail Decoration Santa Claus

  1. You must apply a nude-colored nail base to the face of Santa Claus
  2. With red nail paint, you have to paint the upper quarter of the nail to make the characteristic Christmas hat
  3. I recommend that with a flat brush use nail paint remover even when the enamel applied is wet so you can match the upper nail area
  4. For the beard of Santa Claus, you have to use a dotting and white acrylic paint on the bottom of the nail (where you do the French)
  5. You must make some medium circles with the dotting
  6. To join the board with the hat, you put some white sidelines can be with a fine brush or again with the dotting
  7. The red paint on the cap should already be dry to start applying some small white circles to finish the hat and put the effect of hair and cotton finish
  8. You allow 1 minute and the white part you have to be dry to draw the nose with light pink paint
  9. For the eyes only with a thin dotting and black acrylic paint is enough two points.
  10. Once the paint is dry, you apply your topcoat so that your Christmas nail design can last much longer.

Christmas Tree Nail Decoration

  1. Previously you have to apply a black base to your nails
  2. Then using a detail brush and acrylic white and green paint you start making the tree from top to bottom with small lines as if they were branches
  3. Combining the two colors green and white will give the feeling that the chapters are more real. Always remember in a triangular way how Christmas pines are
  4. When you reach the lower part of the nail, repeat the process to accentuate the color further
  5. With a gold glitter nail paint, you have to make the star at the top of the tree
  6. With the dotting you can add some Christmas balls with the golden glitter paint you used for the sun
  7. You can add other red and light blue Christmas balls combined is very beautiful
  8. Once dry, apply the topcoat you use for your nails with designs

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