The star garment of winter: the coat. They come in all sizes and cuts, but sometimes we don’t know which one is best for us. So here I have a little guide to choose a coat; I hope you find it very useful.

If you are a petite woman

That is, if you measure less than 1.60 meters, these are the rules for you:

  • Avoid too long coats, as they will shorten your figure.
  • The optimal length is three quarters; that is, a little below the hip, but before reaching the knee.
  • Make sure that your coat has a V neckline or round neckline, this way, you will look more stylized.
  • A waisted coat is better, as this creates the optical illusion of longer legs.
  • Use coat with long boots not, unless you bring a look monochromatic.
  • Avoid large buttons and wide pockets, as the full width makes you look shorter.

Tall Women

If you have the height in your favor, these are the tips to choose a coat that favors you.

  • You are very lucky since you can practically use any coat model.
  • Try the short or extra long oversize make the most of your height.
  • Also with those with wide buttons or double buttons.
  • Wear a sailor or military coat; they are fashionable this winter.
  • Of course, at all costs avoid the shoulder pads, the best for very tall figures is to soften this part of the body.

Lot of bust

In case you have a lot of bust, you have to avoid that part of your body is the one that attracts attention.

  • Say “no” to using large buttons or double buttons, as this widens.
  • It is better to use thin or loose lapels.
  • Bell shaped coats that have volume are the best for you.
  • Do not button your coat to go out, better wear a pashmina.
  • Wear V-neck garments to lengthen your neck.

Rectangular figure

In other words, you have equal shoulders, waist, and hips. Consequently, you need the coat to accentuate your curves. Thus:

  • Prefer fitted coats.
  • Look for ones with tweezers or cuts to simulate curves.
  • Use the type trench or a belt.
  • We must avoid oversize at all costs.
  • Say “yes” to the wide buttons and large pockets.


If you are a very curvy woman, there are some rules that you must observe.

  • Avoid prints on any type of coat.
  • Choose neutral and dark colors to stylize your figure.
  • Wear a coat that is not so long, a bit straighter cut will look very sexy.
  • Or a trench coat with a considerably large lapel.
  • The flowing textures you are much better than heavier raincoats.
  • Don’t forget to use cuts that accentuate your waist.