Mom says son is ‘heartbroken’ following the Fortnite ‘black hole’ crash

Mom says son is 'heartbroken' following the Fortnite 'black hole' crash

Yesterday, famous videogame Fortnite crashed, causing users around the globe to see a black hole instead of the typical loading screen. Now, a mother has talked about the “black hole” crash, revealing that it has left her son “heartbroken.”

The conflict took place as Fortnite was about to release its Season 10 live event, and at the moment of the writing this report, the black hole remains.

Mom says son is 'heartbroken' following the Fortnite 'black hole' crash
Credit: Epic Games

In the recent interview with the Mirror Online, Kayla Williams, a mommy of a committed gamer, told:

“My son is heartbroken, he’s spent a massive [£3,000] on this game since he started playing in season 2”

“What are Epic going to do? People saying the game has ended for good so do we get full refunds on the money we spent because no game means no nothing so we lose out!”

In addition to the black hole, the inventor of Fortnite, Epic Games, has also removed its official Twitter account.

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Williams, however, was not the only parent to show concern that their boy investment had been lost in the crash.

Susan Russ, another child mother, told:

“My 10 year old saves up for the new season to come out so today very excited, couldn’t wait to purchase Fortnite 10, then to be horrified, crying his heart out, lost his money, and he saves hard to buy skins.”

“It’s the end of the world for him as he knows it.”

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