Rescue dog with no front legs given Lego wheelchair to support him get around

It’s a reality that injured pets will often need a bit more help. Yes, there are lots of lovable pets out there that often get the short shrift because they’re blind, deaf, or have limited mobility – and these circumstances can sadly all make it more challenging for some of them to find a loving place.

This week a helpless dog has completely enchanted the internet when its owner chose to help them to walk around by designing a simple creation using an everyday toy.

Rescue dog with no front legs given Lego wheelchair to support him get around

‘Marvelous’ Gracie is a rescue dog who has no front legs, which clearly made it almost difficult for her to walk or move without special support. When Gracie was only six-weeks-old, she was turned into a vets appointment in Kennesaw, Georgia, USA, pain and in a horrifying condition.

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The small puppy was reportedly seen covered in maggots which had formed around her eyes and feet and was hurting from a number of other wellness difficulties and ailments.

After careful medication by animals, Gracie (a King Charles spaniel, chihuahua, poodle, and Bichon Frise mix) was taken in by the Mostly Mutts pet rescue.

However, Tammy Turley and her son Dylan were ready to get up with an ingenious solution, after Dylan built Gracie a bespoke wheelchair out of Lego pieces, which is connected to her torso via velcro straps.

Watch this adorable Video of the dog

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