Single man adopts baby who lived alone in hospital

Some people are born with the natural instinct to help others, to be that hero we often need, without asking for anything in return. One of those people is Pablo Fracchia, an Argentine man who, since the age of 16 had dedicated his life to serving others, helping during natural disasters and humanitarian crises.

Pablo, who is now 37 years old, decided to put that noble side of his life on pause only to realize his dream of being a father, and amid complicated paperwork, government processes, and a lot of obstacles, he was finally able to adopt little Mia, a girl who since her birth has lived in hospitals.

I’ve always dreamed of being a dad

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Pablo, who is now a graduate in Social Work, had the vocation to serve others from an early age when he enlisted as a volunteer firefighter, how he helped thousands of people, and offered psychosocial services to the families of victims of fatal accidents in the state of shock.

Despite all the different circumstances in which he found himself, Pablo always dreamed of becoming a father one day, something that would not be easy since his desire was an important factor in society. He is gay.

The worst part is that I had always dreamed of being a father, when I thought about the future, I imagined it playing with children in a park. But it was not often that gays were parents, and one of the obstacles to ‘get out of the closet’ was assuming that he was going to have to give up that dream. I wanted to be straight, and that gave me a lot of guilt. I was helped by a psychologist who said to me: ‘How could you not want to be straight if you would have everything resolved? You would not suffer discrimination, teasing, you would have no problems getting married, and you could have children.

He waited a long time before he could adopt

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In October last year, while working, Pablo received a life-changing call: A one-year-old and 10-month-old baby had been living in a hospital for a year. The little girl had survived a bowel perforation when she was a newborn, she hardly went in the second surgery, but nobody in her biological family could take care of her.

The opportunity to be a candidate to adopt the baby was offered, but apart from Pablo, four other heterosexual couples would also be interviewed. Still, Pablo accepted, showed up to do the required interviews, and after much waiting and nervousness, he was chosen!

The connection between Pablo and Mia is instantaneous

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I think, we fell in love instantly. When I met her, she did not walk or speak. I found out that she almost died in one of the surgeries and that she had gone through the entire postoperative alone. There I understood what the judge told me: ‘We chose you because we felt that Mia needed someone to hold her for a whole year.’ And that’s what I do from that day on, hug her. Now walk, talk, dance, play. She discovered that she can rest because there is someone who protects her.

To this day, Pablo and Mia look happy; The little girl spends her time painting, playing, and laughing with her father in the different photos that he shares on his Instagram account, where it is confirmed that both have what we all seek in a family: unconditional love.