Be sure to find clear skies and watch tonight, as the evening of October 13 will host the exciting lunar event known as the Hunter’s Full Moon. Celestial enthusiasts will be treated to the rare brighter and orange-colored moon as it appears “opposite” the sun, NASA has declared.

According to NASA, full Hunter’s Moon will reach peak “fullness” on Sunday, October 13 at 5:17 pm east daylight time (22:17 pm GMT).

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“Hunter’s Moon” was found in the Oxford English Dictionary from way back in 1710, and it introduces to the full moon that happens after the Harvest moon, that would allow huntsman to easily see any animals searching for scraps in the now harvested fields.

Science reporter Deborah Byrd writes on EarthSky: 

“If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, look for the moon to be bright and full-looking for several nights beginning around October 11 and 12. Keep watching on October 13 and 14. Around all of these nights, you’ll see a bright round moon in your sky, rising around the time of sunset, highest in the middle of the night.”

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According to NASA, several experts suggest that other names for the Hunter’s Moon are the Blood Moon.

Tania de Sales Marques, an astronomer, told Country Living:

“The October full moon will happen on the 13th and is known as the Hunter’s Moon. The Moon will rise just after sunset […], so if you go for a walk after dinner and the skies are clear, face south and you should be able to spot a beautiful full moon.”

Check out some Stunning footage from this Blood Moon

NASA says this particular full moon has significance to many religions around the globe:

And don’t worry if clouds destroy your view of this lovely occasion, because NASA says that the orange moon will be visible until Tuesday morning. But in case you do miss the magnificent view, the Hunter’s Moon will return next fall.

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