Thief armed with a banana tries to rob a funeral home but the employee noticed

Crime has dropped so low in some countries that thieves no longer even struggle to have the proper tools for their illegal criminal activity, but this is the last straw!

For a few moments, the employees of a funeral home in the municipality of Caldas, Antioquia, in Colombia, felt really threatened by a subject who entered and tried to assault them. But in the end, the thief was ridiculed and even lost, as he left his “weapon” at the crime scene.

The security cameras of this funeral home captured the moment when a thief threatened a couple of employees. In a bag, he carried something similar to a pistol and demanded that they give him the money.

But suddenly, one of the victims, Antonio Agudelo, realized that this thief was “pointing” at them with a male banana, so he pounced on the assailant and managed to take the bag from him.

Seeing that his clever and fruitful plan had failed, the thief had no choice but to run. His assault was no more than an attempt, and he ran out of his banana, all wrong!

Antonio became the hero of this story, his reward was to keep the banana, and he said he would enjoy it like never before: “I plan to make a good patacón or suddenly make a good sancocho or in slices, since it is very tasty.”

In the long history of dumb criminals, this thief certainly deserves an honorable mention for having a powerful gun loaded with lots of potassium. Until here, his threat was heard: “Give me the money, or I’ll shoot you with my banana!”