Trolls target 8-year-old boy for posing with 314lbs shark

An eight-year-old guy has been trolled after posing with a dead 314lbs shark.

The shark in question was caught by Jason Millauro off the coast of Sydney, Australia, when it swam alongside the 7.3-meter vessel he, his father, and captain Ibby Dardas were sailing in.

When they spotted the predator, they threw out a piece of meat, and in a scene reminiscent of Jaws, the shark was reeled in by the eight-year-old boy.

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“I was thinking that I hope the crew can (get) the shark (on the boat) because I don’t want to lose it. I was really excited when they got it.”

On arrival back at the harbor, the shark was measured and came in at two kilograms more massive than the previous junior record held by Ian Hissey, who had caught a 312kg tiger shark in April 1997.

“It was rainy and the seas were rough,” Jayden’s father told.

“We were berleying up and at 11.15 we spotted the shark as it came up to the back of the boat.”

The eight-year-old boy, who has been fishing since he was two years old, told the catch was a huge victory.

However, the story was not met with positivity on facebook and both Jayden and his dad were trolled.

One person comments on Facebook:

“Another up and coming environmental vandal killing threatened species for a photo opportunity to prove what a man he is.”

The second person also said:

“Sharks are magnificent creatures, Jayden should take up scuba diving and observe and respect the creatures of the sea.”

A third one slammed Jayden’s parents for allowing him to kill, writing:

“So sad this gives pleasure.”

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