Women need to sleep more than they do, science says

Maybe on more than one occasion, you have wanted to spend more time in bed, you know, sleep a little more. If you have family, you wish everyone would get up and do everything while you sleep a little longer. The same if you live only with your partner, you would like to sleep a little more than him. Well, good news, because according to research, we need more sleep. Great!

We are a multitasker, that’s why we need to sleep more

We are a multitasker, that's why we need to sleep more

Surely you have noticed that women can do more than one thing at a time. For example, writing while listening to music while painting our nails. Or go driving while we put on makeup and talk on the phone. Well, that’s the way it is every day, and it’s a capacity that only women have. Men are simpler, because for them to do something well, it only has to be one thing at a time. Don’t worry, I’m not throwing dirt at them, but it’s something that has been proven. Our brain is more complex than theirs. Sorry!

The female brain

The female brain

Duke University in the United States and Loughborough University in the United Kingdom conducted research in this regard. Their research found that women need much more sleep because we do more activities. Our brain works too hard while we do a thousand things and think of a thousand more. When sleeping, the cerebral cortex is repaired so that it can function with great quality the next day. So you can keep your memory, language, and thinking in good condition. For that, you need a mattress that adapts to your needs and takes care of you while you sleep. Is there such a mattress? The answer is yes!