Young man becomes the first indigenous pilot in the United States

Being astronauts, doctors, veterinarians, or getting to fly an airplane are just some of the dreams we usually have when we are children. And the reality is that as we grow, these change and there are very few people who fight for them, because on many occasions we are told about how difficult it is to achieve it, which only happens in movies, and it is best to stop dreaming of putting the feet on the ground.

However, for those few who decide to stand firm in the face of any adversity, the reward is triple what they expected, and something like this happened with Luis Ángel, who did nothing more than showing us that when you want you can, and that in fact, the only limit is the sky.

We should all be brave like Luis Angel

Young man becomes the first indigenous pilot in the United States

The protagonist of this story is a young man of just 21 years of age named Luis Ángel Marcuci Bejerano, who is originally from the Ngäbe-Buglé region, Panama, and who despite all prognoses made his dream come true: to be an aviator pilot.

Luis didn’t really know where to start, since there was no place in his town where he could study aviation; However, he began to investigate and decided that his best option was to emigrate to the United States and graduate from an American school, but to do this he had to learn the English language first. So he took some courses in his city and later, knowing the basics, set out on the journey in search of the famous “American dream.”

An example of will and discipline

Young man becomes the first indigenous pilot in the United States

After a time living in the United States and having attended aviation school, Luis Ángel was finally able to graduate as a commercial aviator pilot. It was not an easy path, but his greatest dream came true, and he returned to his region to share his achievement with his family and friends.

At first, it was not easy for me to speak and write English, but I did it through the courses I took before leaving for that country.

—Luis Ángel Marcuci Bejerano

And it is that in addition to that, Marcuci is the first indigenous pilot to graduate in the United States, an achievement that should be cheered and recognized in a big way.

Has achieved a great dream

Young man becomes the first indigenous pilot in the United States

In addition to having graduated as a pilot and speaking English, Luis Ángel also learned the basics of the Mandarin language, so he is firmly confident that he will have more doors to knock on to open up growth opportunities.

Now that he is back home, he wants to work with Copa Airlines, as Compañía Panameña de Aviación SA is known, in addition to creating alliances with foreign companies and thus bringing a little more social development to his country and region.

Bravo, and many congratulations to the new driver!