How do Fitbit calculate calories burned

How do Fitbit calculate calories burned

We all want to stay healthy and monitor our physical activity, particularly when it comes to working out. However, how can you know how many calories you burnt throughout your workout? A Fitbit gadget, for example, may measure your heart rate and calorie consumption, enabling you to evaluate your performance and become more conscious of the calories burnt during exercise. In this blog article, we will look at how Fitbits compute calories burnt as well as their accuracy. Continue reading to find out more about Fitbits and what they can do for you!

How does Fitbit calculate calories burned?

Fitbit uses a three-step process to estimate your calorie burn:

1. First, Fitbit determines your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), which is the number of calories you burn at rest.

2. Next, Fitbit estimates the number of calories you burn through physical activity, based on your height, weight, and sex.

3. Finally, Fitbit adjusts your calorie burn estimate for the intensity of your activities. For example, if you go for a run, Fitbit will use a higher calorie burn rate than if you are simply walking.

How to use the Fitbit calorie burn feature

How do Fitbit calculate calories burned

The Fitbit calorie burn feature is a great way to track your calorie expenditure throughout the day. Here’s how to use it:

1. First, select the ‘Calorie Burn’ tab in the Fitbit app.

2. Then, choose your Fitbit device from the list of connected devices.

3. Next, select the ‘Start’ button to begin tracking your calorie burn for the day.

4. Once you’re done exercising for the day, select the ‘Stop’ button to end tracking.

5. Finally, review your daily calorie burn total in the app to see how many calories you burned during the day.

What factors affect the accuracy of Fitbit’s calorie burn calculation?

A few things influence the accuracy of Fitbit’s calorie burn estimation. For starters, Fitbit does not take into consideration how diverse people’s metabolisms are. So, even if they are performing the same activity, someone with a higher metabolism will burn more calories than someone with a lower metabolism.

Fitbit also utilises an estimate of how many calories are expended depending on the activity level and intensity that you choose. As a result, if you overestimate your exercise level or intensity, your calorie burn will be off.

Finally, Fitbit does not take into consideration any activities you engage in while not wearing your Fitbit tracker. As a result, if you go for a walk without your tracker or engage in another form of physical activity, the calories you burn will not be included in your total calorie burn calculation.

How to get the most accurate calorie burn reading from Fitbit

How do Fitbit calculate calories burned

You may do a few things to ensure that your Fitbit is correctly calculating your calorie burn. First, make sure the gadget is tightly wrapped around your wrist. It may not be able to monitor your activities as precisely if it is too loose. Second, ensure that the gadget has been correctly calibrated. This may be accomplished by heading to the Settings menu and choosing “Device Info.” You should then see an option to calibrate your device. After that, you should notice more accurate readings. Finally, be certain that you are wearing the gadget throughout the day. If you remove it for any reason, it will no longer be able to correctly measure your calorie burn. Following these steps will ensure that your Fitbit is providing you with the most accurate information possible.


Fitbits are an excellent method to measure your daily activity, and you now understand how they compute the number of calories expended. Fitbit may offer an accurate estimate of the amount of calories expended by tracking your heart rate, steps taken, and other physical activity done throughout the day. This information may be quite beneficial for folks who want to fulfil their fitness goals or ensure that they’re getting enough steps in each day. There’s no excuse not to begin going now that we have more data at our disposal than ever before!

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