'Sex Education' season 2 will air on January 17, 2020

Netflix has announced that the 2nd season of the comedy series S*x Education, an examination of teenage s*xuality and hang-ups, will return to the streaming stage on January 17, 2020.

The new episodes will be available from that date forward. The series tells the story of Otis Milburn, the son of a s*x therapist (played by Gillian Anderson. When Otis and outcast classmate Maeve launch a s*x clinic at his school, based on the experience he learned from his mother.


Commenting on the news, writer Laurie Nunn told Digital Spy that: “The reception to series one has been so exciting. Seeing how people across the world have connected to characters that began as ideas in my head is incredible. I’m hugely grateful to every person that has taken the time to watch the series, and I can’t wait to continue this amazing journey.”

Take a look at the trailer for season one of S*x Education

In an interview with Awards Circuit, star actor Asa Butterfield stated on his working relationship with his on-screen mother, stating: “I think partially because now I’m a bit older, I was 21 when we filmed it, I’ve got a bit more confidence. I think I was able to have quite an adult relationship with her, and we could experiment with it. It really came quite easily.”

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He also said: “We didn’t have a rehearsal time at all so I only met Gillian the day before we started shooting together. We really had to hit the ground running and we found a very easy, natural banter between us. It felt very familiar.


He said: “She’s also hilarious. There are a few scenes I had with her, one in particular with Connor where they’re smoking a joint on a balcony, where Otis is supposed to be hating this moment. She’s down to Earth with this bully, but I couldn’t stop smiling because she’s so funny. I loved working with Gillian.”

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