Top 6 Hottest Celebrity Daughters

It cant be simple growing up in your parents’ shadow. But, standing out has never been a problem for these lovely and talented women.

So today, we are counting down our chose for the Top 10 Hottest Celebrity Daughters.

6: Daisy Lowe

Top 6 Hottest Celebrity Daughters

The daughter of Gavin Rossdale, leading singer of Bush, and Pearl Lowe, a former singer-songwriter and modern fashion and textile designer, Daisy is herself a wealth of talent and beauty. She got her start in the modeling career at the ripe old age of two. She has modeled for magazines like Vogue, GQ, Elle,  and performed in campaigns for Louis Vuitton and DKNY.

5: Riley Keough

Top 6 Hottest Celebrity Daughters

If people told you ages ago that the grandchild of the king himself, Elvis Presley, would become a well-appreciated Hollywood star, would you have been shocked in the slightest? As the daughter of Lisa Marie, Riley has carved out a sweet little spot for herself in the movie world. Star of the steamy TV series “The Girlfriend Experience,” the heroine has also starred in feature movies like “American Honey” and “Mad Max: Fury Road.” 

4: Lily Collins

Top 6 Hottest Celebrity Daughters

Lily Collins… where have we heard that name before? Yeah, that’s right, this attractive and talented actress, model, and writer just so happen to be the daughter of legendary artist Phil Collins. Lily Collins got her to start writing for publications such as the Los Angeles Times before joining the world modeling line.

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3: Rashida Jones

Top 6 Hottest Celebrity Daughters

If you have a television, then you’ve seen this actress before. With characters on “Parks and Recreation,” and “The Office,” Rashida Jones is an incredible worker. Rashida has since moved on to feature movies, with characters in “The Social Network” and “I Love You, Man” With her hard combination of talent and beauty, this star is poised for a long career in Hollywood.

2: Kendall Jenner

Top 6 Hottest Celebrity Daughters

With approx 70 million fans on Instagram, this hot young model and TV personality are one of the most followed celebrities in the globe. Much of her achievement is due to the fact that she was raised by a couple of well-known public figures. Her father is a former Olympic gold medalist Bruce, and her mother is a reality TV star, Kris Jenner. 

1: Allison Williams

Top 6 Hottest Celebrity Daughters

This young actress is not only blessed with a wealth of beauty and talent but also seems to be the daughter of one of the most recognizable men in the US. Allison Williams is the daughter of news anchor Brian Williams. It’s easy to think she had an edge when it came to landing acting characters. 

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