Venom director confirms crossover with Spider-Man

Venom director confirms crossover with Spider-Man

Raking in higher than $850 million at the box office, a sequel to Venom was inevitable.

Ruben Fleischer has moved out of the producer chair, letting Gollum himself, Andy Serkis, take the helm.

But that is not closing the first movie’s director from revealing where the Marvel Comics characters are heading.

In a recent interview with Fandom, Fleischer told Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, and Tom Hardy’s Venom are destined to come together.

Venom director confirms crossover with Spider-Man
Credit: Sony Pictures

As per Fandom, Fleischer told: 

That’s where it’s all going to lead. And that’s the exciting thing because we changed the origin of Venom… in the comics, he evolved from Spider-Man, but because of the Marvel-Sony thing, we weren’t able to that.

And so the thing I think it’s building towards, and will be exciting to see, is when they actually do confront each other.

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Sony producer, Amy Pascal, confirms that Hardy will be returning to the wacky character, telling Fandango:

‘I can say that Tom Hardy will be back, magnificently playing that character as no one else can.’

Fleischer added: 

If anything, I would have changed the critics’ reaction to it. I was really bummed that people didn’t like it because it’s a crowd-pleasing movie, and I’m not sure if there was just blow-back against Sony or people just worship Marvel.

But I was really surprised that the critics [were gunning for it] because audiences really enjoyed the movie. And so many people who’ve seen it just appreciated that it was a fun superhero movie. So I was a little surprised. I don’t know what they were expecting.

Venom director confirms crossover with Spider-Man
Credit: Marvel Studios

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There’s just one problem with the concept of Venom and Spider-Man colliding (or perhaps co-operating) – contracts, lots and lots of them.

Spider-Man is owned by Sony but is mostly leased out to Marvel Studios so that his character in the MCU can remain for (at least) two more movies. 

Venom is an exclusive partner of Sony’s Marvel Universe – separate from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, deeper in tone (with a Mobius and Kraven the Hunter films in the works).

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